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Den Alltag bewältigen

  • Tue Dir was Gutes!

  • Tue jemand anderes was Gutes

  • Lerne etwas!

Fortsetzung unsere Zusammenarbeit

  • Filmarbeit erlernen

  • Philosophieprojekt


Published by Prof. Dr. Carolyn Landry

Psychoanalyst: -- both Freud (PSZ) and Jung (Clinic Zürich) -- 10 years clinical experience Anthropologist: -- trained as cultural anthropologist (Univ. Zürich) and ethno-psychoanalyst (PSZ) Teaching experience: -- training psychologists (FU Berlin) and social workers ("youth") Theatrical experience (2 years) (Tübinger Zimmertheater) Community work (many years) -- co-founder of a center for treatment of survivors of organized violence -- organizational structures for women's organizations -- neighborhood activism Research: - optimizing organizational structures in autonomous women's organizations - dream research (Shoah)

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