Cutting and Editing 101


101 = beginners’ course (102 = second half of it 201 & 202 = second year course)

Manche von euch, die bereits Filme gedreht habt, werden diese Grundbegriffe wieder erkennen, aber das Video illustriert sie und baut später darauf auf.


= From one shot to another while the subject is still in motion


  • Cut-away – cutting from an insert shot to something else and then back

Can be used to show what’s going on in character’s head


  • Cross-cutting – between two locations (e.g. phone conversation)


  • Jump-cuts – between the same shot, often used to show the passing of time


  • Match-cut – same structure, different components
    • Action
    • Composition
    • Used as scene transitions




  • Fade in / fade out – dissolving to or from black


  • Dissolve – blend from one shot into another

Can also represent a passing of time


  • Smash cut – abrupt transition

e.g. waking up

or going from quiet to intense or intense to quiet

  • Iris


  • Wipe


  • Hidden cuts – e.g. hidden in blackness


  • L-cut : audio-based transition _ audio from current shot carries over to the next shot


  • J-cut: audio from next scene starts before you get to it


Both are designed to create a seamless transition you might not even notice.


  • Creative combinations


Then ask yourself when and why you’d use them in telling your story.




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